It is played all over the world but is famous in U.S, U.K and Australia. It is played with numbers printed on a page known as BINGO cards. Now days they are played on screens with the advancement in technology, the player shouts as soon as he got BINGO to alert the caller and the other players. There are many variations in this game.

1. U-Pick’em BINGO

It is the simplest form of BINGO. Players pick up the number to alter the win in their favor. This game is somewhat very similar to Keno (game of luck) which was discovered by Chinese. It is considered the common variant of BINGO.

2. BINGO Quick Shot

The numbers are known in advance and player buy genuine cards from the shop or somewhere else which are sealed pack. If the specific pattern is accomplished then the player takes the prize, cash or whatever is the jackpot. The new game begins and the new numbers are drawn after some sets of a game have been played as the player takes a high level prize.

3. Bonanza bingo

AS the game commences, 40 to 50 numbers are drawn. They could be either the first 40 numbers drawn, odd numbers or even numbers. Player marks the drawn numbers on the purchased cards. After a predetermined time, caller asks players if someone claims BINGO. If there is no winner, than the caller draw one ball at a time till someone proclaims BINGO. It goes like progressive payouts; the prize of the jackpot soars up for the next session. If there is no winner after a definite ball count drawn, the ball count increases so does the prize of jackpot. If still there is no winner the process goes on. Prizes are won by the player who got BINGO after a certain ball count and not the complete jackpot. All the money in jackpot is won by a player if he got BINGO in the predetermined ball count. The ball count again goes down to 43 and the game starts again and it is increased by 1 till someone gets BINGO.

4. Death BINGO

The player gets eliminated from the game as soon as he gets BINGO. This is Bingo Inversion. The last man standing would be the winner who does not get the BINGO. Death BINGO is just opposite of the traditional bingo games and is considered to be the most exciting games.

5. Table BINGO

This is an attempt to make BINGO a table game like Poker, Roulette and Blackjack. The only difference is they are not monitored by the dealer completely but a caller in which up to 8 people can participate in one session.

6. Horse Racing BINGO

Numbers are players that can participate in this game are up to 15. Players can have their own numbers between one to fifteen that correspond to the top row. Player who gets the five numbers in a column is declared winner. This game is a typical variant of BINGO and is mostly played in organization and parties.

7. FaceBook BINGO

It is played on Facebook. They are different from other online BINGO games. Players are offered additional power known as Power-Ups which boost up the probability of winning of an individual. Facebook gives freedom to buy power – ups and share it with friends. There are many Bingo games available on facebook with Blitz Bingo, Bambam Bingo and Bingo bash being the most played ones.
facebook BINGO

8. 90-Ball BINGO

The numbers used are from 1-90 and are played in United Kingdom and Australia. Players have to buy Bingo Tickets to play. They are different from U.S games as there are 15 numbers more used. There is uneven layout as there are 3 rows and 9 columns are randomly distributed. The rules are same as of 75-ball bingo.

9. Bingo Coverall

This is often referred as a Full House game. They offer progressive payouts, so the amount of cash in jackpot is increased. The main aim in this variation is to cover all the numbers. It builds more enthusiasm than the other variants.

10. Mini BINGO

It is a minified version of traditional BINGO. There are only three rows and three columns with a total of 9 numbers. This game ends very quickly and immediately a new game starts.


11. Electronic Bingo

These are played on screens rather on cards. These are portable computers and all player have to do is press the key called by the caller. It is different from Online BINGO or Facebook Bingo as it is played live among the players and there is a person who calls out numbers.

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