The most simplifies game according to the rules is undoubtedly roulette. It is said in casinos that the easier a game to comprehend, the more is the house edge. You might be looking for something that is easy tom play than you will like Roulette.

The chips of this game are different from the others and they do not have any value other than Roulette Table. At a time, 6 to 8 members can play this game and each one of them have different colored chip which has to be bought from the dealer and change these chips with the regular chips at the casino before leaving the table.

Payout Formula

Payout is calculated from the formula mentioned below:

Payout Formula=1/X (36-X) = (36/X)-1

X is the square of the number player has placed its original bet. The payout is calculated from the number 36, where there are 38 numbers (American Roulette Table) and 37 numbers (European Roulette Table) which soar up the benefit of house.

United States Rules

There are 38 numbers, having an additional “00” in comparison to European Roulette. Players have to place the bets according to the betting rules. The entire thing is done by the dealer as he is the one who releases the ball.
All over the U.S.A the rules are same except in the Atlantic City. The house edge is calculated as:

House Edge: 1/19 * 100 = 5.263%.

On all the bets, except the five numbered bet (house edge is 7.29%) all the bets have the same house edge of 1/19.

american roulette house edge percentage and payouts

Atlantic City Rules

This rule must have a 00 on the wheel. When a player has bet on even money i.e. even/odd, 1-18, 19-36, red/black he will lose only half of its original bet if the ball stops on 0 or 00. This will eventually decrease the house edge by 50%.

European Roulette (French Wheel)

The French wheel has only one zero and has similar rule like Atlantic City on even money bets. It is known as “La Partage” that the half of the money would be returned to the player on even money bet if he loose. They also have the option to imprison the bet rather plays “La Partage” in which he would get all the money of his first bet if he win on the next bet.

You might be thinking what would happen if the ball on the next spin of imprisoned bet would land to 0. Now there are different rules of each casino. Some would make it double imprisoned or player would lose the entire bet. Bet won would become one time imprison otherwise it would be triple imprisoned if the casinos permit.

Some casinos in Europe will permit the imprisonment if till there is a outcome other than 0. The following is the diagram of the European roulette.

imprisonment criterion of roulette in french wheel

House Edge of Different Wheels

It is the percentage that the player loses as compared to the house. The lost percentage decreases the chance of winning a player and increases the chance of the casino. Let us consider a single number bet in which player would win if the ball stops on the required number. On American wheel, there are only 1/38 percent chances of winning while the houses have 37/38 percent chances of winning. Calculating it we get

35 * (1/38) + (-1) * ( 37/38 ) = -0.0526 which is 5.263%.

There is a number less in French Wheel thus house edge is:

35 * (1/37 ) + (-1) * (36/37) = -0.0270 which is 2.70%.

It is no secret that the zeros , whether single or double make casinos on the safer side and make the design of the game such that house will always have an upper hand, No matter what.

A player will surely lose his entire outside bet if the ball land on green squares. There is payout of 35 to 1 which should be 37 to 1

on European tables and 38 to 1 on American tables, even if you have won a single number bet, they have kept some amount of yours.

Let’s have a closer look at inside bets. If you have placed $1 chip on all the number of the table than too you would win $36 even though betting $38 and have a direct loss of $2. The house edge on all the number is same except 1-2-3-0-00 which has a 7.89% on American wheel.

Hold and the House edge are the entirely different things. The amount of money lost or win in percentage as compared to the original bet is called Hold. It has been conducted in survey of the Atlantic City by the Control Commission of Casino the average hold report is between 21-25% in a month.

It is high if compared to the house edge of 5.26%. Suppose a player bet $200 on even money bets making a bet of $10 each time has very less chances of losing the entire amount after 20 chances if he bets on even money.

If the player makes the bets on single number there are chances he will lose the entire money after 20 attempts.

Number Placement on Roulette

If you have observed the Roulette Table casually than the number might appear to be random. They are not random and if you would take a closer look, it is designed very carefully as the sum of a part of the wheel is nearby equal to any other section.

Wheel Tracking (Is it Possible)

I know books and people who will give 100% surety of this game being biased. It is believed that the wheel have a chances of generating some set of numbers more than the other. Well, in fact it is true. Modern wheels have to pass very hard test to take place in casinos. Seeking a biased one will most likely to be an old one and best chances of finding it is in Europe.

Ball Steering Phenomenon

It is always a question and dilemmas to the players that can the dealer affect the spin on the wheel. Some believe that if the dealer releases the ball with the same velocity and in the same direction he can generate the same number. If this is you are wondering that there is only one answer to this question: NO. Dealer cannot affect the spin. Even if the velocity and direction are same or even if the dealer wants to affect the spin. He simply cannot. There are too many obstacles and the ball hit the numbers and rim many times and it is nearly impossible to predict an outcome on a non biased wheel.

If the dealer could affect the system than he would probably call a friend and he would bet on the numbers told by him and they could split it later. This is not practically feasible and I have never heard this kind of thing happening, and might never will.

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