The seven card stud is a typical poker game being the variant of stud poker. It is the most famous game because of increasing popularity of Texas hold’em.

At the beginning of the game, the player is dealt with 7 cards to pick and then onwards players have to make 5 card hands. The seven cards a player is dealt with do not have to use specific ones, just the five cards that offer the highest hand.
7 card stud poker
Texas Hold’em has four rounds while Seven Card Stud has five rounds.  Depending on the limits there are 2 betting variations that a player deals with. When played with the great limits, one combined amount is considered for the first two rounds and it becomes double for the last 3 rounds.  Consider $10/20 game, the first 2 rounds are of 10 dollars and it would become twenty dollars for the next twenty dollars.

The bets are spread in the lower limit games usually between one to five dollars. Between $1-5 player can bet within that spread. Within this limit a player can bet the maximum up to $5 and minimum up to $1. Player must double the amount of bet if he wants the raise.


Players have to invest some money before the game begins. The amount is “Ante”. The amount invested must be equal among all the players. The value may vary from one card room to another but usually it is a fixed amount and often it is half or quarter of the original bet. It ensures that the player will lose the amount slowly for every fold, thus offering player’s encouragement to gamble for the hand rather than toss for the opening bet. It does make table interesting that soar up the pot size. The dealer has to toss every time for each player. Antes are must in stud poker.

The Start

The money from the antes is put in the pot by the dealer. The last player to act is supplied with the Dealer button as the dealer does not participate in a card room. At the start, each player is dealt with one card up and two card facedown, the game started with the player who is just next to the dealer button to the left. “Door Card” is referred as the face up card while the hole card is referred as the “Hole Cards”.

Bring In

The cards are initially dealt as the player have to pay some forced amount but no action has been done till now. Initially, every player is dealt with 3 cards and is also called Third Street for the first betting round. One player has to open the initial deal which is chosen from the value of face up card. The amount of the Bring-In is smaller than the minimum bet but a little large than the Antes. It is usually 75 cents for a $1-5 bet and is two dollars for a $5/10 game. Player must ensure the amount of Bring-In and the Antes before commencing the game.

The Bring-In is one dollar with No Antes for low limit spread games. Raising, folding and bet choices are offered to the player just next to the player who made the Bring-In.

For the first round, a player can increase the amount of bet by Raise but it would be the minimum amount for a bet. It would be $5 for a $5/10 bet and would be $1 for $1/5.

Fourth Street

As the Bring-In ends the players are dealt with second card face up and another round starts. The action stay tuned as the player display the highest at the beginning of each rounds. There is no obligation to bet for the player having the highest hand.

He can ensure the bet and the player next to his left has the choice of checking or betting. The player has to fold, bet or Raise if there is a bet. The bet would be increased in case of the raise.

The bet would be of $5 for the $5/10 game in the Second Street. The largest bet can be made if the player is showing and open pair and it would be ten dollars for this game.

Fifth Street

Now the third round proceeds with the third card is dealt to every player. The limit for the bet soars up and it comes into multiples of $10 for $5/10 game. Having highest hand among all, that player can act first and it goes on in clockwise direction.

Sixth Street.

This is just another round with the same instructions as above, like the player having the highest hand reacts first.

Seventh Street

There is a little twist; the Seventh Street is dealt facedown. Now the fourth round proceeds and every player has three down cards and four up cards. All players are obliged to show their hands after the final betting round. The player is proclaimed as a winner who has the highest five card. A player wins by default if only one player makes the bet and all others fold.

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