If you are going to visit America, than surely you are going to visit Las Vegas and roll some dice and try your luck at least once.

1.The Ballagio

You might have heard the name of this casino before. Yes, it is the same casino which was robbed by Ocean’s 11 and no doubt it is the most famous casino all over the world. The atmosphere, people are quite awesome. It is normal to see pros like Doyle Brunson. The bet starts from dollar four to dollar eight and you can bet up to as much as you can.

Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

2. The Mirage

This is one of the biggest and quiet famous casinos all over USA and the world. The tournaments held in their room have no limits. Their limit starts from dollar three to dollar six and to bet more and more money is up to you. One big problem players could face is that you are not permitted to smoke inside the rooms while you can smoke everywhere other than poker rooms. This is why some places inside the casino are too smoky.
The Mirage Las Vega

3. The Venetian

If you are looking for mind-boggling atmosphere, than go to venetian. There is too much space for the player, dealer and the staff. They have a very famous tournament known as “Deep Stack”. There are uncountable games which have no limit over them. There are too many people all the time which make this casino a lively one. There are around 40 tables of Texas Hold’em and I love to gamble here.

The Venetian Las Vegas

4. Ceasers’ Palace

Yes, this is the same place where 4 friends had a Hangover and had some a great memory of their life .This place is very large and good for people who love to have fun. If you do not like smoke, than this is the place where you can opt to go. They have complete different rooms for people who like to play tournaments, try slot machines and every other thing possible. The best thing is that the dealers are different from other casino as they are amicable and the flow of drinks is always on the fire. They have limit commencing from four to eight dollars which vary for different games.
The Ceasers Palace Las Vegas

5. MGM

It is named as MGM grand and there is no doubt it is a grand one. The casino are at right to the place where people enter. The limits offered by them are same like most of the casinos and it is a great place to have casino experience.
MGM Las Vegas

6. The Wynn

It is Brand new casino in comparison to others of Las Vegas. They offer great tournaments and have their infrastructure and the types of games with limits much similar to Bellagio. It could not be the best but a good place to gamble.
The Wynn Las Vegas

7. The Orleans

It is not a new casino if you have heard it for the first time. This place is mostly filled with the Las Vegas locals and if you seek for lower limit games and want to involve yourself in the low budget tournaments and want to get away from the rush and want to love gambling, than this is the right place. They have grand rooms and there are hundreds of tables, the staffs are amicable and it is always a nice experience to have fun.
The Orleans Las Vegas

8. The Palms

This place is very popular among celebrities. It is not as big as other casinos like MGM and Bellagio. They have two separate rooms in which they have ten tables in total. In one room they have limits and the other one do not have limits. Whenever I play there I have won almost every time and this gives me a nice feeling.

The Palms Las Vegas

9. Rio-all-suite

There are no skeptics that the World Wide Tournament of poker is held at Rio. There is large space and a large number of tables to keep you busy everywhere. They also have limit and no limit tables.
Rio All Suite Las Vegas

10. Binions

The history of Poker is made somewhere in the Binions and if you want to have some feel of history than this is the place. They have large space and the casino is big painted and carpeted with red all over the place. They have around 72 tables that also has feature table. The limit starts from dollar two to dollar four.

Binions Las Vegas

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