The Video Poker Machine

Mostly 5 card poker machines are in use today. Bally and IGT have made 7 card poker machine and they are in some casinos but the base of video poker with jacks and better being the most successful variant.

People want to play on video poker as this game is based on skill and there is no dealer to affect that skill. Payouts are awarded according to the payoff tables.

The machine utilizes the image of the cards on the screen and also credit of the player. Players have the option to cash out the credit at anytime. Some casinos offer the pay tables on the screen but I have widely seen they are printed on the machine.

Bill Validator is just below the screen. Credit appears when players will money. There are two buttons “Bet One Credit” and “Cash Out”on the left. From the name it is clear what they mean. There are 5 buttons in the center with the last three being “Hold/Cancel”, “Bet maximum”, “Deal/ Draw”.The game begins when player tap on Beat and Deal button. Now days there are 7 card machines but still players prefer five card machines that accept 5 coins at a time. The machine will take the credit as soon as the player pushes the Bet Max. Button and deal the hand.

Video Poker Superstitious

There are some myth and stories about video poker machines. Some experienced players have belief about poker machine and I would share the truth about Video Poker Machine with you.

Random Number Appearance

It is the toughest job that a machine has to do every time without being biased. What it does is constantly shuffle the deck to ensure a fair game, and it does till someone press on the “Deal” button. The moment it being hit by the deal button, it goes on shuffling the remaining 47 cards. It works all the time. 24 hours a day, all 7 days of a week.

There are players who would claim that they have applied some strategies but there is no strategy before you hit the Deal button. The IGT and Bally’s machine are regulated by Indian Gambling Agencies under the Nevada State Law that ensures fair games. Machines other than the brands mentioned might work differently but they do not.

Hot and cold Machines

Players think the Temperature of the poker machine affects the combination of the play. It simply does not. There is no such think like that. In a deck of 52 cards or 53 (Joker Included) there are more than 2.5 million combinations and the program does not repeat that combination again as there are very less chances of happening that. I have played sessions like for 6-7 hours many times but the machines simply do not listen to me. Every time they give something new and no matter how much I try, I have got an answer of only one thing. They are regulated by Random Number Generator, not by temperature.

The truth is that there are more losing combinations in a single deck, and you might be lucky enough to get three aces but getting the fourth one is a complete luck.

Using Slot Club Card will offer a better Payout

No. Almost all the poker machines have pay tables printed on it and no matter what you use the payout would remain the same. What it has to offer is the accounting at play time that would help you when it comes to pay taxes.


If you had it and you have won, than you have got lucky. Applying proper strategy and doing the math always give player the upper hand but having hunches will not help you out every time.

Cards, how do they generate?

Gamblers believe that the machine software first select the 10 cards and then divide them into two pairs of five. This is false. I have already told that the appearance of cards on the screen is determined by the Random Number Generator. Whether someone is playing or not the RNG shuffles the deck and as it hits by the Deal button. It takes the first top five cards from 52 and displays them. The remaining 47 as the five has already in use by the player will gets shuffled by the RNG.


It is a myth among people that poker or slot machines are programmed to get streaks. They are among a set algorithm of RNG and scoring a streak is programmed in our minds, not in machines. Streaks are scored when the player has been hanging on a single machine much longer than he should have.

Making your own fortune

There are two things to get a win on Video Poker. The first one is timing and the other is skill. Most of the players lacks the second and keep on pushing the first one. If you know the basics properly than you are going to win more often in this game.

Kicker Cards

This question is dilemma for all the gamblers. Most of them believe to get a shot at fourth ace you should quickly throw that kicker card if you have got three ace card and one kicker card. This is Double Bonus Poker but Triple Bonus Poker is the exception of this rule and if you are pushing keeper cards, than you are effecting your chances of winning and should get learn some strategy for cards. Walk away with more than $700 by getting fourth ace.

Some Place is Better than Others.

Three is a myth that some places are better than others. Video poker has one thing that is always advantageous to players is that they have printed payout table. Unlike slots which do not have anything. You get to know the working of the machine in video poker machine.

Single-Hand and Triple-Hand has different Strategies.

Players believe that it demands different strategies but it do not. Video poker machines works on the same algorithm for the single hand as well as for triple hand. Players are going in the right direction but they apply weird tricks that cost them hand. Competing for a Royal flush or three of a kind does not change anything. The only difference is you have shot on more money. Play all the bet same way. The amount of hand does not affect the math in video poker machines.

Is it possible to make a living through Video Poker?

I have seen only a few people doing this. Some believe that they can make a living out of it but it is very difficult. You have to win for most of the time to earn a living and most players fail to do that. If you want to be a professional in this field you must be intelligent, should have the ability to sit in a place and play for some hours, and always be kind to casino security no matter what they say to you. For me, seeking a normal job is better than to be a professional video poker but if you are born talented and know to break the system you can go for that. Only a very few people can do this. You have to be focused, disciplined and keep yourself in control to be a professional.

As soon as you hit a jackpot pull out your player card

Pulling your credit card ASAP make players think that they could deceive casino that they have not made any money. They know what you have made and lose, so there is no point of doing that.

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