People, who know how to win in casino motivates them to deceive, trick or rob casino to become rich overnight. That is why casinos spend too much money on in vigilance so that no one can rob, cheat or pull out any type of scam possible.

There is one thing that is very famous in casinos “Eyes in the Sky”. Officers and Inspectors of casinos are trained to pick out the suspected ones. They are watching you from everywhere and even your minute gestures.

casino security, eyes in the sky

The security officers of the casino keep their eyes on the people which commences from the very entrance of the casinos and the employees mainly dealer always have their dedication towards the table that no one shall touch the cards and everything is going well. There is always a camera or two on each and every table so that no one can steal the chip. Dealers are trained to watch their own table and no one is able to cheat as many people count cards, mark on card and even switch cards. They are watched by pit bosses as if the to make out any possible scam as if the dealer has missed. In casinos every employee is watched by an authority higher than him. They keep track of the all the tables as how much they are winning and losing.

There are many surveillance rooms so that the officers can have the entire look over the whole casino. The cameras are high-tech. They can rotate with high resolution and clarity and would make out the tiny things which are not possible in ordinary cameras.  They make video and keep track of all the casino security so they can rewind the tape and be sure of the suspect. There is one thing you need to know that no one is watching slot machines all the time. The payout received by the players is random and no one controls it.

Casino security works on certain patterns such as the reaction of players after winning or losing a bet, how the dealer has shuffled single deck and if someone has done something unnatural or out of the box like doing crossing their legs or rubbing some part of their skin, which invite the partner of the player to make him know which table is going hot would make too easy for officers to catch the culprits.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to stay under the radar and do not want to draw attention of anyone that you have to keep in mind some tips and tricks.
1. Do not touch anything on the table that would insist the dealer to tell you that you should not touch card or dice. In a facedown game where you have to touch the table, try to use only one hand at a time so that the dealer will be sure that everything is right.

2. Do not agitate other players if you are not playing. Just enjoy watching.

3. Once you have placed your bet and all the chips are in the betting house, you must not touch them again while the play is in progress.

4. If you need to do something, ask the dealer to do it for you and do not put any other items than necessary.

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