Roulette is a game which has same odds of winning and losing and picking the table is the first step of your strategy. It is said that it does not matter this game is on pure luck and requires no element of skill, you can play any number of your choice, either you get lucky or not. However, this is not completely true.

1. Chosing the right Table

It is a biased game and some tables have more advantage than the others. I have seen some tables generate some set of specific numbers and it is Roulette, not a slot machine. So, some kind of skill is mandatory to win.

2. Betting Limits

You have to seek for the tables that give you full flexibility in betting. If a table does not have betting limits, it increases your chance of winning. You must be wondering how? Consider a case of first five spins. You have started the bet with $1. In your first spin, if you lose you should play again but this time doubles the bet. In second spin if you win you have recovered your loss and made some money and if you have lost again, play again with doubling the bet. Do this cycle 5 times, 10 times there are very much chances you are going to win at least one time and you have to be lucky just one time, not every time. Having this strategy could be a bit intimidating but I have made money every time I have played.

3. High roller tables and roulette

Roller tables are a bit enticing as people think they create chance of making large profit. If you have played on that before you might have realized there offer are not as promising as they seems and to make money from what they offer are very intricate. Before picking up high roller tables you have to make sure that it has lower limit where there are less chances of losing money.

roulette strategies and tables
I have seen many players watching activities that are being held on a particular table and got connect with it. The most vital strategy is playing on tables that are not active. If everyone is watching you would not able to play free minded.

Whoever wins at casino win by picking or making up his mind for particular set of numbers. You cannot pick a number accurately. This is where strategy comes into play even when everyone panics. If you have pointed out a biased wheel, it means playing some wins have high probability of winning.

There are always exceptions. Dealer who has been doing for all the day shoots the ball in exact direction and velocity and as before and only a few people can make out what numbers the ball are currently passing. Then, the player makes the bet.

Another exception comes out when the wheel is itself show defect. It might be because the wheel does not have proper balance or some wood has been ragged generating a particular set of numbers. Almost all casinos check their tables on a regular basis so no one could find a hole in the system. I am saying the wheel could be biased it does not mean a number hit 4 times out of 10 is a biased one. That is luck.

Some casino display numbers of last 15-20 spins electronically. Players like to bet on the numbers which have been hit most or at least generated for two or three times. Some like to pick the numbers which have been shown in the last 5 spins in hope of wheel being biased. Some bet on numbers on which others have been hitting trusting more on them. Doing this will not ensure your win but it is better than at least not applying any strategies.

Betting Systems

People are always inclined toward this game more than others as it goes slowly. You cannot make a livelihood out of it, and it could be a catastrophe to you in the long run.


I have already discussed that before. Double the bet every time you lose. If you have started with $1 until you win, double the bet but there are some things that you have to make sure. The lower and the upper limit of the table. If the table has limits up to only 100 dollars. Then, you are going to bust if you did not win in the first 7 chances.

There is one that is said about roulette. It has no Memory but by doubling increase your chances so does the risk. There should be some luck and this idea is frightening for people as it might not turn out to be as good as it sounds.

Grand martin

This one is going to take your money a lot faster than the previous one. Double the original bet after each spin is a good one but also add the original bet after every spin is also what professional Roulette gamblers does. If you have commence the bet with $1, next bet would be of $3(2 * $1 + $1), another would be of $7, than $15 an so on. This way you would lose at a faster rate and only one win to get you back in the driving seat.


It is even more intimidating. The gambler commence with the set of numbers. Every time the number comes on which he bet, he cancels that one ensuring that the number can occur only once as he has won the bet on that number.
Break The Walls:

There was once a man known as “Charles Jagger” who accidently found a biased wheel at “Monte Carlo” casino. He and his teammates keep a track of all the numbers on Roulette in 1873 and succeeded in seeking a hole. He went on and on for many days and bet on the bias number. He won more than 400K dollars in 1873.

It was casino of Monte Carlo realize there is a bias which is caused due to the fret at the walls.It was fixed soon and the English Engineer continued to play but commence to loose and finally left with a hefty amount of money which was more than $300K.

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