It is a fun experience that can turn out to be a financial disaster if not taken seriously. You must know which game to bet on and stay away from games that have eye-catching return. The main reason is there are very less chances of winning in higher payouts.

Bet on games with less

There are many games that have decent odds of winning. However, the return is not that much as compared to other games. You can also play online and there are many other games which are more exciting than the real ones. Some of the games are as follows:

1. BlackJack

This is one of the most simple games that turns out to be the most difficult. The objective is to get better cards than the dealer and not to get your maximum add up top more than 21. There are many bitcoin blackjack casino and you can try this game there too.


Another games with better chances of winning. All you have to do is roll up pair of dice and what the sum would turn up on both the dice determine win or loss.


There is no skill involved in this game. You have to bet either on the banker or on the player. Even if you play this game multiple times the average loss will be very less as compare to any other game The house edge is very low which makes it aura magnificent.

Which games to avoid at Casinos?

There are many games which always favors the house and if do not ant to get a hole in your pocket. Avoid these games at all the cost.

  • Roulette
  • Big Six Wheel
  • Three Card Poker
  • Let it Ride
  • Keno

Always be in your senses. Follow some steps before going to a casino.
1.Never borrow from anyone for betting. It will make the situation a lot worse once you lose in the casino.
2.Stick to your schedule and keep track of time and know when to get up.
3.Do not drink and then gamble. I have seen many casinos serves drinks for free and if they do offer you something for free in casino you must be very vigilant.
4.There are games which attracts attention and the rules are so difficult to understand that they will eventually get the best of you.
5.Do not take your Credit card while gambling. This is the main reason people loose money.

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