Spoons (Card Game)

Game Type Matching

Children, Adults

1 (Standard 52 pack cards)
Skills Memory, Speed
Time Required Varies but do not take more than 15 minutes
Players 3-6 (can be more than 6 than more than 1 deck shall be used.)
Spoons Number of players minus 1.

Spoons is a card game that is played by both adults and children. It is also known as “Pig” or “Tongue”. It is played with pace. To play this game only two things are required – a deck of cards and spoons. Other objects can also be used as a substitute of spoons. The aim of the winner of a round is to have four of a kind or at least not to be the last to pick the spoon.

spoons card game

The Deal

One player is made dealer. Number of cards dealt directly depends on the players. For 3-4 players seven cards are dealt, 5-6 players six cards are dealt more than 6 five cards are dealt. The cards are left are kept at the centre within reach of players. The top card is turned face up to start the discard pile.

The Game

Dealer will first pick his cards and then everyone else. If someone else pick up before dealer, he or she has to spell SPOON. The game commence when everyone pick up their cards.

Dealer takes top card from discard pile and place a card from his pile to his right face down. The next player on his turn takes the dealer’s discarded card and place a card from his pile to the right. The next player will take the last players discarded card and discard a card from his own hand. The last player will discard in to the pile while the dealer continues to pick card from the discarded pile.

Players are not permitted to pick cards until they discard one. This game is played with speed and players have to play quickly otherwise their piles could build up.

The objective is to make four of a kind (four threes, four sevens, four aces, etc.) by discarding their cards and picking up cards.

It is mandatory for players not to have more than five cards and less than four cards at any point. Players should keep their cards in hand so that others can’t see.

Take Spoons

Spoons are kept outwards in front of each player so that they can reach out easily. If anyone has acquired four of a kind then anyone is permitted to grab spoon. As soon as anyone grab spoon, other players after him or simultaneously grab spoon. All players try to grab spoons leaving one player without the spoon. The slowest player who does not have spoon has to spell SPOON.


    1. When a player loses a round he earns a Letter “S”. When he loses for the second time, he will earn the letter “P” and so on. If he loses for five times then he would be out of the game. When a player is dropped out of game the spoons is reduced by one. The last player remaining will win the game. Players who are out of game are not allowed to talk, make gestures or help in any way to players who are still in race.
    2. The player has to grab spoon, touch this nose with the opposite hand or stick out his tongue. The last player to do that is eliminated from the game (In this scoring method number of spoons is equal to number of players).
    3. There are three chances. If a player loses for the first time then he lost a chance. If he lose three times he is eliminated from the game.


If a layer is out from the game, remove set of four of a kind and play another round.


1. Bluff

It is encouraged in Spoons. Players can bluff to touch spoons trying to fall other players into touching them and face penalty. If this is done promptly some player will touch it.

2. Eyes on the Spoons

Players are concentrated on their hands and do not notice others grabbing spoons when someone gets four of a kind. Be cautious while drawing cards. Getting four of a kind does not matters as much as grabbing spoons do.

3. Without looking at cards

Players play without looking at their hand they just pick one and discard one keeping themselves focused on the spoons. Player looks at their hands in the beginning for some time trying to acquire more cards of a rank and then shift their concentration of grabbing spoon.

4. Conspiracy Play

Players play in group to boost their chances of winning and eliminate a strong contender. Players signal each other if any of them acquire four of a kind, preparing themselves altogether to grab spoons so that other will left without a spoon. There is only one consequence that if noticed by other players counter attack can be performed by them leaving you without a spoon.

Tips for Playing Spoons

Spoons are kept in a way that their top part is in touch with each other and handles are pointing in front to each player. When everyone chases it, they are flying in all the directions. This technique adds fun in the game.

This game is well known for its pace. Players do not wait for others to discard but put their card next quickly.


1. Extreme Spoons

Spoons are kept in near the playing area. Players have to run to pick up spoons as someone acquires four of a kind.

2. Joker Spoons

Jokers are included as Wild Cards while rules remain the same.

2. Other Objects

Spoons are not available everywhere. You might want to play this game in bus, park or office. This variation is divided into acceptable and unacceptable:

Acceptable Items: Coins, poker chips, Stones, Aluminum Cans or any other small objects.

Unacceptable Items: Valuable Items, Marbles, Plastic Glasses. Spoons should not be played with them as someone might get hurt, lost their things and objects as glasses are not suitable.

Grabbing spoons is not the only options (spoons are equal to number of players in this variation).

Place finger on tip of your nose after grabbing spoon.

TONGUE: Stick your tongue out.

Slowest player would lose the round.

OPTIONAL: While sticking the tongue out, player continues to play making it extreme difficult for others to realize what happened. This variation cannot be played in PIG as they have one hand on their nose.

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