Microgaming springs into action with April new games, which should make a lot of fans really excited. Microgaming has managed to stay ahead of its competition over the years, which is getting harder and harder to accomplish. They have been able to keep on producing popular games, expanding the audience for online casino games all the while. People should not be surprised to see that there are some great new Microgaming games available for this April.

Microgaming has been able to embrace a lot of different themes for its games over the years. With these two new games, Microgaming is very much going in a simple and classic direction that a lot of people will like. One of the new games is Cool Buck, and it is very much the sort of game that manages to celebrate financial success and winnings through symbolism.

This game has the sort of five-reel and nine-payline format that a lot of people are used to, which only adds to the somewhat classic feel of the Cool Buck game. A lot of people are really going to appreciate the fact that this is a game that seems to live up to its imagery as well. With its 0.09 minimum bet and the fact that a maximum victory equates to about 107,500.00 credits, Cool Buck is a game where the odds really do feel like they are on the side of the players.

The other new Microgaming online casino slot game for April is Mega Money Multiplier. This one is going to be reminiscent of some of the other really great Microgaming titles, which should already make a lot of people more interested in it. Many people should also really love the money and success theme associated with the Mega Money Multiplier.

In addition to the fact that the Mega Money Multiplier game manages to be reminiscent of a lot of successful Microgaming titles, this is also a game that seems to be reminiscent of a lot of great traditional slot games in the first place. Many people are interested in games that seem like they were ready-made to be classics, and the Mega Money Multiplier is one of them. Games that have a retro appearance and a retro feel can seem like they are already from another time, making it seem like they already have a great deal of history around them. This is a game that is capable of making people feel nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time.

Lots of people will want to play all the popular versions of video poker at Royal Vegas. Royal Vegas Online Casino games are fairly extensive. However, it isn’t a coincidence that Microgaming keeps on releasing so many online casino slot games specifically. These are some of the most popular of the casino games released in recent years. Microgaming manages to really keep the basic medium fresh, which is one of the reasons why audiences will keep on coming back for more. They always keep people guessing, making them feel lucky in the process.

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