If in casino you have easily understood the trick, than there are two things. Either you are a genius or you have comprehended the trick and the odds of winning are too difficult if not impossible. This is the case with the slot machines. Playing with the slot machine is as easy like riding a bike but to stop a bike at an accurate point is very difficult. This is the most easy casino game to play and the easiest way to lose money.

casino slot machines

How They Work

They automatically generate a random numbers based on algorithm and every time the number would be random. In a three reel single line or five reel twenty five line games, every number that generates is a random one. The machine picks up a random number and on reel map that number. The moment you hit the button, the number is set and the rest is really great timing and hell of luck. It is difficult to understand this game because you do not know how this game was designed.


You do not have to be an expert in playing slot machine but an expert in selecting a slot machine. You have to keep some things in mind if you want to exceed in slots.

You have to play with the player card. It has been conducted in a survey that a $2 slot player is better than $200 blackjack player. Do not play for this research. You will give casinos too much by giving $2 instead of blackjack.

It the odds of winning are high, the game is on. Games with high screens and big quote tend to pay less. It is advisable to play simple games that could give you more.

The more the chances, higher is the probability. So, it would be good to try one coin on 10 cent line rather than paying 10 cent con and only having one chance.

Now, consider you have luckily made a jackpot. Players are so happy at that time that they forget to take their money.

In some games advice is given which is good and you must take, like when to hit the button as soon as you are about to reach the desired number.

Myths and Facts

Player has already set their mind but there are certain facts which are kept mysterious to the players.


Players believe that slots work on algorithm that goes through cycle of payoffs. The cycle of these machines can have more than thousand spins and the same random number will be given to hit once it complete its one cycle.


Each and every cycle is independent of its past cycle. They are not interconnected.


A machine is set to offset the balance. If a machine has not been hit by the jackpoy for a long time is very likely to give jackpot. Slots which have hit the jackpot are set to offset the price of jackpot.


The odds of losing or winning are always the same. They are not programmed to give a percentage of money and you are likely to hit jackpot on slots who has never done for a long time. The cycle is independent of its previous reel and the same machine can hit the jackpot again. It is all about timing.


If player card is not used they could give you more money.


It does not even matter if you either use a player card or use coins. The mechanism does not care for card or coins. It will be the same for both of them.


The information of me using the player card will gain attention of IRS towards me.


It does not matter; casinos are going to report this information either way. If you are playing casino gaming regularly than then they will have a record of your net loss and net win.


Some players believe that the authorities have some kind of button that can affect the speed of the reel; they can make it either fast or slow. Os, you have to be nice to everyone and tip them so they will not affect the speed of the reel.


This is not possible. This thing is still under consideration as machines are server based. There are many casinos in which the machine cannot be controlled by remote until and unless if it has been free for more than 4 minutes. If they are going to affect the rotation than they have to change the EPROM chip which is not practically possible.


Slots which are two crowded are likely to loose and slots which are too quiet and serves less number of players like to lose. It is like you have to choose the right slot to win.


I have researched about that a lot. The machine does not matter. All of them are same. Crowded and silent machines are all same. The place of the slot does not matter.


If the casino is too crowded it is best time to try slots and when there are not many people it is most likely to lose.


Even if someone wants this kind of thing happen, he surely would not want that. Casino tries to maintain a healthy balance between loosing and winning. They want some players should be happy so that they would return next time and maybe could lose more than they win on the first time.

Last, I would like to separate the myth and the fact. There is no way of affecting the speed of the reel, placing of the machine or something like that but you should try slots of different companies and maybe out of them some have the probability of giving more than take. Best of luck with the slot machines. Take a deep breath, concentrate and try your luck. Maybe it is your time.

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